Malaysia: Pharmaceutical Market at a Glance

Some quick data for the Pharmaceutical Industry in Malaysia:
Pharmaceutical Market, 2011: RM 4.4 billion 
Government 51% 
Private Clinic 19% 
Private Hospital 17% 
Pharmacy 13% 

Government Purchases in 2011

RM 588 mil Patents
RM 862 mil Generics
Market Landscape:
Leverage patent expiry cliff by pursuing generic opportunities. Value globally at USD 150 billion in 2015
- A member of the Pharmaceutical Inspection Co-operation Scheme (PICS) 
-  Off-take Procurement Agreement for New Locally Manufactured Pharmaceuticals for  3+2 years
- Fast-track registrations for new products under EPP3 in the NKEA programme
- Compulsory service for pharmacists reduced from three years to one. Pupillage allowed in the private sector/industry
- All generics are subjected to BE Studies and their labs are inspected for compliance
- Strengthening patent related issues on pharmaceuticals
- Improve the collection and management of pharmaceutical data with IMS
- Improve market access into foreign countries

(Acknowledgement with thanks: Sources - IMS, Ministry of Health, PEMANDU)










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