1st of April, 2013 and this site goes life! Praise and Glory to God.

I do pray that I will be able to connect to you in order to share and explore issues and challenges in the Country's general economy, the Healthcare Industry and also my "two-cents" worth of wisdoms from my own business exposures.

The Healthcare Industry, like in any geography, is always vibrant and dynamic, albeit some deceleration in times of economic challenges. Malaysia is no different.

According, to local Pharmaceutical Industry data, the Industry grew by about 8% pa in 2012 against the Country's GDP of 5.6% The Industry will continue to develop and grow with the Government's Transformation Program (GTP) and Economic Transformation program (ETP) in which the Healthcare sector is one of the 12 National Key Economic Areas (NKEA).

Under the Entry Point Project 3 (EPP3) for Pharmaceuticals, the Country is encouraging the development and growth of the local Manufacturers towards generics manufacturing for local consumption as well as exports. It also encourages partnership with joint-ventures or OEM with the global "Big Pharma Boys" to migrate up the value chain as well as for reasons of technology acquisitions and embracing "the best practices" culture.

Imported pharmaceuticals therefore have to find their own respective niche and positioning to ensure that the citizens of the Country will be able to have access to both local and imported healthcare products.

Thus it is important that Companies have to relook at their respective business strategies, processes, resources and structures as the market transforms itself with the Government driving, through policies and regulations, the direction and development of the Industry.

For a foreign Company, which intends to gain market entry into Malaysia, it is crucial and pertinent that the Company concerned has adequate understanding of the Government Policy and market.

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