He grew up, in his career, in the Pharmaceutical Corporate world, having worked in renowned big Pharma global MNCs and domestic Malaysian Companies for the last 40+ years. He moved up the rungs of the corporate ladder as a sales representative, to the very top as a CEO/Managing Director of the Country and, before exiting the Corporate world, a Regional Director for the ASEAN economies.

He is currently a Disciplinary Committee member of the Bar Council, Malaysia; Council member at Gerson Lehrman Group Inc, New York, USA and Executive Director/Secretary of Malaysian Association of Pharmaceutical Suppliers (MAPS). He also an Immediate Past member of the Pharmacy Board of Malaysia.

He founded PharmLinked Consultancy Services.

His past and present engagements with the healthcare Industry included various appointments as a member, dialogue partner and Project member with the Government eg PEMANDU (a former Government KPI driven business unit), various Working Groups within the PSD of the Ministry of Health, NGOs like the MPS, MPC, MCPG and Trade Associations eg MAPS, PhAMA, MOPI in input and formulation of trade practices, benchmarks for good practices, guidelines and policies, development and implementation of strategies and action plans. These engagements have enabled him to keep abreast with the changing, dynamism and transforming roles of the Industry and its eco-system.

He had attended and participated in many local and overseas meetings, seminars and training, as representative for the public and private sectors.

He is passionate for the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Industry. His Business Associates and Clients testify to his resourcefulness and as a valuable collaborator, enabler, facilitator and accelerator to their respective business strategic planning, development and implementation to achieve a high impact economic, societal and financial outcomes.

He looks forward to share and assist Companies to perform with enhanced productivity and efficiency, and to keep ahead of Competitors, in meeting their respective business Vision and Mission, with KPIs measurements, with returns on shareholders' values through building human capital, business structures, systems and processes, corporate social responsibilities and sustainability via partnerships and business collaborations within and without the respective Organisations.

Business Associates and Clients expressed satisfaction with the work done by Choe. Many have returned to engage or to retain him in business projects.

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PEMANDU - a KPI driven business unit in the Prime Minister's Department
PSD: Pharmaceutical Services Division of the Ministry of Health
MAPS: Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society
MPC: Malaysian Professional Centre
MCPG: Malaysian Community Pharmacy Guilds
MAPS: Malaysian Association of Pharmaceutical Suppliers
PhAMA: Pharmaceutical Associations of Malaysia
MOPI: Malaysian Organisation of Pharmaceutical Industry