Commitment or Contribution?

Someone was asking me about "what is commitment" some time back. The question quickly brought me back to a very graphic illustration which I learnt from my Superior, many years back, when I first started my climb up the Corporate ladder.

Some of you may have heard of this illustration. Nevertheless, for the benefit of those who have yet to hear, I will repeat, though with a bit of twist of my version.

One bright sunny morning, a chicken and a pig were having an early morning stroll when they came across a boarding house in the British country side. Outside the house there stood a big sign-board which read "Bed & Breakfast. Only £35 ! Free - Ham and Eggs served for breakfast".

The chicken, on reading the advert, proudly said to the pig "See, I have to work very hard everyday in order that the Innkeeper could provide the free eggs to the Guests."

The pig, was aghast and in reply, said to the chicken " ... this is nothing, in order to have ham for breakfast, I have to give up my life!"

Indeed both the chicken and pig contributed to the morning breakfast. But, between the two, which one of them demonstrated commitment to the Innkeeper? The chicken or the pig?

The obvious answer is the pig. The pig has to give up its life whilst the chicken lives another day as it continues to lay eggs.

Thus, I hope you would be able to define and differentiate between commitment and contribution.

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