Next phase of Growth - Generics in Malaysia

More and more governments around the world, Malaysia is no exception, are pushing for the increase use of generics in order to contain health care budgets. With the patent cliff, value globally at USD 150 billion in 2015, the launch of copy products upon patent expiry will wipe billions of dollars off the original drug-makers’ revenues. Generics is indeed a challenge to the research-based companies.

Capitalising on this, Malaysia, under the Economic Transformation Program (ETP) NKEA for Healthcare EPP3, I was able to witness the close collaboration between the Ministry of Health (MOH), Malaysian Organisation of Pharmaceutical Industry (MOPI) and Pharmaceutical Association of Malaysia (PhAMA) where the 3 Parties co-sponsored the mini-lab for Pharmaceuticals, under the auspices of PEMANDU, to map the way forward in ensuring the trajectory growth for the local generic manufacturers, to the next level, in generating GNI and employment in the Country.

MOPI is an Organisation which represents the interests of the local generic pharmaceutical manufacturers. There are 38 members. On the other hand, PhAMA represents the big Pharma boys like MSD, GSK, Pfizer and other "smaller' global companies. There are 41 members.

Thus the min-lab was a historical moment when, at the end of the 3-day brainstorming sessions, score cards and KPIs were set, as a result of the effort, contributions and collaborative spirits from all Parties.

The main thrusts of the lab were for the developments and export capabilities of the local manufacturers for Biologics/Vaccines, Generics and OTCs/Health Supplements.

It is with certainty, in the Malaysian way, where Government authorities, acting as facilitators and enablers, will indeed help to realise the road map for the local Industry beyond the Country's border.

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