Team Leadership and Performance

Great Team Leadership and Performance. What are the attributes? Good to learn and put into practise. It works!

Participative leadership: The boss is part of the Team. The team understands that each team member depends on one another. There is an interdependency. There is empowerment, freeing up, serving and caring for one another. When one failed, all failed!

Embracing the same Vision:  Believing in the common goals of its existence and functionality. Every member is in the same boat and needs to row together in order to reach the destination within the defined time frame.

Be Innovative and Creative: Think out of the box. Do not be trapped in the past. Push the envelopes. Use individual talents. There is no such thing as a "silly or stupid idea".

Shared responsibility: All members, managers and workers, understand and undertake
the shared accountability and responsibility for achieving the performance within the strategic business unit.

Accepting Change:  Do not whine. Nothing is stagnant. Everything in life and business are in a state of flux and dynamic state. Change is constant and inevitable. Without change, there is no opportunity.

Appropriate and speedy response: Identify and act on challenges. Do not procrastinate. With challenges, come opportunities.

Effective communication: Establishing an environment for transparent, honest, trust and timely communication.

Focussed: Do not be distracted. Focussed on the job and results. Be passionate. Go for it!

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