Growing Up Wisely ...

My former colleague has a grown up son, who finished his high school, decided to pursue an ACCA course. She wanted me to meet up with him and, if possible, to mentor him. Well, after a few failed attempts, I managed to meet the son a few days back. I remembered meeting him years ago when he was very young - a few young years then. At that time, his mother was my colleague. How time has flown!

He is now 19 and I am way past that age. I looked at his youth and told him that "I was like you once". I had not really appreciated my youth then as I took growing up for granted and, it was, part and parcel of growing up, I thought. So, with good intent and purpose, I told him to enjoy his youth and growing up.

With the consciousness of wanting to set him on the right path for the years ahead of him, I asked him why he took up ACCA. Without hesitation, he replied that "I save time as I can go straight to ACCA without having to spend more time preparing for the Uni. After 3 years, I can start to work". I had the feeling that he had no specific ambition as both his parents are professionals being a Pharmacist and an Engineer. He just wanted to be in the work force quickest and be financially independent, which he affirmed, when I posed this to him.

Nevertheless, I wanted to encourage him and said its "okay" to take up ACCA. However, after completion, do work. And, do finish up, with part time study, being a qualified registered Accountant like having a CPA. I told him everyone needs to have a big goal in life which he seemed to understand.

As he is still in his youth and with many promising and productive years ahead, I also told him to be a responsible youth. Walk the right path and do not turn to wrong disruptive, irresponsible company of friends. Parents' love and concerns are always genuine and true. Consider their advice before making his own decision when advice is given.

The next piece of advice I gave to him was that think before "you post or upload any comments or remarks" in any social media like FB as these may haunt you later" eg "if you vent your frustrations every time in the FB, you may miss an opportunity as the potential employer may check your background on your FB and he may pass you by"... well ... as this was the first meeting, I decided to end here and we went for lunch ...

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