Elephant same, Different Perspectives

I was reminded of an "Elephant Story" - how  a few blind men "see" the elephant.

5 blind men were taken to a zoo to "see" an elephant as they had no idea, how an elephant looked like. For the blind, the sense of touch is one of the important "senses" that they must sharpened in order for them to "see" and get connected to the world around them.

The 5 blind men were standing before the elephant. Each was "standing" away from one another.

One of the blind men was holding the elephant's tail and said "the elephant is like a whip as it is a long cord and has tufts of hair at the end". The other, holding the elephant's legs said "No, the elephant is like a tree trunk. Steady, strong and mighty". The third exclaimed "the elephant is neither a whip nor a tree trunk but it is like a banana leaf" as he was feeling the flapping ear of the elephant. The fourth expressed his surprise and said "No. The elephant is like a filled long water hose" as he held and moved his hands along the elephant's trunk. The fifth, with a loud voice raised his voice and said "you are all wrong. The elephant is like a great solid wall" as he moved his hands along the large expanse of the elephant's body.

The morale of the story? Do not come to a conclusion, and adamantly insist that you are right, when there are different observations or views of the "elephant". These are all different perspectives of the same "elephant". As for the 5 blind men, they all have "bits and pieces" of information or "views" of the elephant ... and they are not wrong in their respective "observations"! If all of them would coolly meet and discuss among themselves they would surely have the "full picture" and gain much as a Team.

Thus, be careful, and don't to rush for a quick decision particularly in a group discussion. Be wise, make a point to listen to others. Ask probing questions and be ready to listen. Do not prejudge. Be analytical. Be a Team. Make intelligent decision based on informed/shared knowledge. It is better to be right then to be wrong. Do not be blind to the opinions or views of others!

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