Website - to have or not to have?

Let me ask you a question? What is the main motivational factor in having your own website?

The most likely answer would be "as a window or an information portal to the world to know who and what I am". However, if you are in business, you would also hope that the website would create interests and attract visitors, business partners and wealth to your business.

You are not wrong in your understanding and expectations. Thus, it is important that in designing your website you need to give your utmost attention to the format, contents and details to ensure the site will be innovative, attractive, friendly, robust and informative. It must be dynamic and regularly updated with the latest development of yourself and/or business. It must also be able to attract repeat visitors.

I was thus appalled when I visited the website of a friend the other day. The contents of the website, from the home to the rest of the other pages, betrayed the dynamism and the success of the leadership and the Company that I was proudly associated with.  It lacked the "oomph" with well thought formatting and information! In my mind, information on the resources, talents, skills, experiences, successes, markets and capabilities of the Company were lacking and, if any, were not explicit, professionally and factually presented.

As the website is on the internet, it is accessible to an international audience as well. Thus, any local content, must be adapted and written with the international audience in mind. And, if the main objective of the site is for international consumption and interest, the site should be" skewed as such" and balanced with appropriate local contents.

I believe the CEO or Senior Managers of the Company MUST take charge of the design and contents of the website. It must not be left to the juniors or any "IT" personnel to "do" a "cut and paste" site.

It cannot be over emphasized that the website represents the face, philosophy, success and values of the Organisation when a person surfs the net for the background information of the Company. The website "sells" the Company even before an individual meets up with any of the Company's representative. Any website that is ill-designed would thus ring a death knell to the Organisation even before it is being given an opportunity to know one another.

Thus, be serious of your website design and contents otherwise please do not have one! It could damage you!

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