Today's Basic Prerequisite: Connectivity

Today, the majority of people are intimately connected with one another be it emails or any electronic social media like twitter, facebook etc

To be connected has its advantages and disadvantages. We have read of statistics where many are being addicted to their smartphones or other electronic gadgets. Many become slaves to these modern devices and technology.

However, on the flip side, from the view point of harnessing the power of technology intelligently, one can reap great and positive benefits without being slave to these devices.

Restricting our focus to commercial interests, it is important for business to establish network and connectivity. The most basic a company should have is to have an email address, PC and a smart mobile phone. With a smartphone, one can get connected immediately when he is on the move, when an email is being received. In the "earlier days", before the advent of smartphones, mails are only accessible on the table top PCs, and also only in a fixed location like the static office space.

It is important to ensure that emails are received and replied according to urgency. Do note that there is no rush or obligation to urgently reply to all the mails received.

I have personally sent emails to companies where the mails are being rejected due to lack of mail box size. It is thus unfortunate that the intended recipients were not aware of the "returned mails" which to my mind is "missed business opportunity". Thus, being connected is not enough. You have also to ensure that you do periodic "house cleaning" and have adequate mail box size and upgrade the size when there is an expected increase in mail volume.

Believe it or not, there are also business practitioners, who have not taken upon themselves to have mail boxes loaded into their smartphones to harness the technology available. They thus, do not understand the importance of "speed to response", "taking advantage of opportunities presented" and the business lesson of the importance to be efficient and productive in connectivity.

To conclude, connectivity is important, whether on a PC or mobile device, to receive and response to mails accordingly. There is time compression and there is no space for delay or procrastination in decision making. Business can be won or loss due to speed of response. The early bird catches the worm. Be smart, stay connected!

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