Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Simply, is the act of the Corporate to embed, plough back or return to the Society, for the betterment and positive impact of the Society in which it operates, through its activities on the environment, employees, consumers and communities.

CSR should be consciously and deliberately integrated into the Corporate's structure and supported with clear defined policy, adequate financing and guidelines. It functions as an independent unit where it could regulate, monitor and ensure the compliance within the legal frameworks as well as sensitising, initiating, developing and enhancing good social programmes within and beyond the interests of the Corporate.

To many, CSR meant having to have activities outside the Corporate. In fact CSR embraces the internal and external environments and customers.

Thus an internal CSR could be "setting up of baby crèche within the Corporate for mothers" or "providing scholarships and tuitions for employees' children", "reducing carbon footprints for its offices and manufacturing plants", "implementing Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) within the Corporate"  just to name a few.

For external programmes, the theme should be on sustainability of the environment and community. Any CSR programme, I believe, should not be a "one-off" or "ad-hoc" basis eg  philanthropic "one-off" monetary donations or a visit to an orphanage without specific objectives to build up skills, knowledge, independence and sustainability. CSR social programmes should be planned with the intent and desires of endurance and sustainability in the ability to uplift the livelihood, safety, well being and continuity of the community for mid to long term gain.

Thus, in order for a Corporate to deliver positive impact and sustainability, CSR activities should not be organised without the full understanding of the needs of the community and environment. The Corporate should have positive values in integrity, commitment, attitude, love, passions and patience.

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