Practice Makes Perfect: Expecting different Outcomes?

Doing the same thing which a person had learnt for the past 1 year for the next 10 years is equivalent to having the experience of 1 year though the person had worked for 11 years! He will definitely be very perfect in the said skill but he will never be able to do more than that!

He would have perfected his skills or mistakes as he had repeatedly repeat over and over again for the
10-year time period! Even the skills perfected may not be efficient as new technologies had evolved to deliver better results and with more efficiency!

Further, does the individual expect different results or outcomes, financials or otherwise, if the same skills, knowledge and tools used are repetitively repeated over the years for the same work processes?

By "standing still" to preserve his own space, the person would be left behind in the competitive labour force and market place! Work experience is important but it should not be an entrapment to hold back a person to challenge himself with new skills, knowledge and technology for better performances and outcomes.

Thus a person must desire to be innovative and creative in his work environment. He must be willing to make himself relevant in the knowledge economy. He must be willing to pursue, learn and acquire new skills, knowledge and technology! He must be efficient, productive and marketable!

Thus, an Organisation or Individual needs to understand that the dictum "practice makes perfect" is not always healthy, which is "a poor growth "catalyst, and should be revisited if positive high powered performances and different outcomes are to be expected.

There is nothing less than having the right attitude and behaviour by stepping out of the comfort zone to aggressively pursue new skills, knowledge and technology! We need to learn, un-learn and re-learn ... to catapult and achieve higher, mightier, powerful performances and growths within the defined time frame!

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