Upward Mobility

I have seen many managers, within the Company, failed to reach the top rung of the Corporate ladder though their respective performances was excellent. Many, if they stayed long enough in the Company, only managed to reach senior operation level and not higher though their expertise, skills and knowledge are not lacking. And many, sadly, have to make exit to another Company before attaining the position so desired.

Everything being similar, I observe that the failure was due to the lack of skill and knowledge in "managing upward" within the same Organisation. Many are good in managing their respective "jobs", subordinates and peers. Many overlooked the fact that their respective bosses also need to be managed professionally by them in order to have hope in upward mobility in career advancements.

Many training courses that are available in the market today, stressed on result oriented day-to-day operation and there is little emphasis or lack of training on "how to manage upwards". In other words the learning of "soft skills in managing upward" is a gap that needs to be filled.

Many newly promoted managers had to learn "on the job" and through "trials and errors" learned about their bosses, their management styles, their idiosyncratic behaviour etc ... many failed and very few succeeded. Many do not know how to manage their bosses ...

In conclusion, being good in your work and achieving great results are no guarantee for higher promotion or to reach the top. Every ambitious employee needs to know how to manage his superiors and be equipped with relevant soft skills.

The superiors may know your work and success but he may not know you personally. This, I believe, contributed, in no small measure, to your failure in moving upward!

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