Humility - Key to Success?

Have you met a guy who seems to "know all" and speaks more than he listens?

Is he really talented and "knows all"? Does he really have all the answers or is he trying to cover his inferiority complex? Or is he being arrogant or "like a frog in a well", thinking that he has all ...? Whatever it is, this guy has a problem and needs help.

What problem? He may lose genuine friends as well as information and knowledge which was intended for him which he had no time to listen. This person will be a failure without him knowing himself.

What is the one good virtue a person must have in order to gain and sustain friendship, knowledge and success. It is simply humility! Humility, in this context, means "let others talk, you patiently listen and learn". It also means showing respect and willingness to listen and learn from others. It also means, if you are wrong, admit it and apologise!

We are living in an information age and "tons" of "happenings and knowledge" are being generated every day. How can we know all? There is time for a person to listen, talk and counsel.

A great and successful leader, whether he is a lay man, Supervisor, Manager or CEO, must be a good listener. He receives information, digests, assimilates and internalises before he opens his mouth or makes a decision. He respects other people's opinion and knowledge and in return others will value his listening ears and counsels. He gains friends and he multiplies his network of contacts, opportunities and successes.

Be filled with humility whoever you are. You will win many genuine friends who will walk the mile with you! And being filled with humility, others are more willing to listen, share, help and trust you. There is mutual respect.

Humility needs to be developed and consciously practised. It is not born. Start today and you will see the fruit of humility bearing profitable fruits.

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