Healthcare NKEA

Healthcare is one of the 12 National Key Economic Areas (NKEAs) identified in the Economic Transformation Programme (ETP). According to the Annual Report, 2012 the Healthcare NKEA continued to deliver commendable results on top of an outstanding 2012, attracting many private sector participations.

According to the Minister of Health, in his Annual Report, a total of 22 projects covering numerous Entry Point Projects (EPPs) and 1 Business Opportunity (BO) are in place. They are expected to contribute RM4.6 billion to the Gross National Income (GNI) while generating investments totalling RM3.7 billion. The NKEA is also expected to create 18,316 jobs by 2020

In 2012, the Clinical Research Centre of the Ministry of Health was corporatized into Clinical Research Malaysia (CRM). This corporatized body will enable it to efficiently perform independently in its role as a business unit with the pharmaceutical industry.

In the same year, the Medical Devices Act 2012 and the Medical Devices Authority Act 2012 were gazetted. The gazetting of the Acts and their regulations will ensure that the medical devices industry is regulated in Malaysia.

EPP1: Mandating Private Health Insurance for Foreign Workers
EPP2: Creating Supportive Ecosystem to Grow Clinical Research
EPP3: Malaysian Pharmaceuticals: Increasing local Generic Manufacturing for Exports
EPP4: Reinvigorating Healthcare Travel
EPP5: Creating a Diagnostic Services Nexus
EPP6: Developing a Health Metropolis: A World Class Campus for Healthcare and Bioscience
EPP7: Upscale Malaysia's In-Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) Industry
EPP8: Build Malaysian Showcase on Next Generation of Core Single Use Device (SUD) Products
EPP9: Become the Hub for High Value Medical Devices Contract Manufacturing
EPP10: Malaysian Clinical Device Champions
EPP11: Medical Equipment Supply Chain Orchestration
EPP12: Medical Equipment Refurbishment Hub
EPP13:Build Medical Hardware and Furniture Cluster
BO: Delivering Care - Retirement Villages, Mobile Healthcare Services, Institutionalised Aged Care

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