Curious and Fearless Baby

Have you seen a baby grow and fearing nothing? The baby will without hesitation embrace a dog, whether big or small, with the adults watching in horror and fearing for the worst! Why?

Because the baby's mind knows no fear, pain nor failure. He is curious. He wants to explore. He has no knowledge of fear or failure. He will keep on falling and will continue to pick himself up when he learns to walk.

An adult would not want to try if he knows that he will keep on falling ... there is fear of pain, failure and embarrassment ... He is trapped within himself and afraid to move out of his comfort and painless zone!

Thus an adult's mind is always consciously and unconsciously filled with fears, failures and embarrassments. His mind will not want to try new ideas nor able or want to think out of the box. He is not creative and courageous enough to experiment or take the uncharted path nor revisit the earlier "failures" to make it a success no matter how good the idea or initial concept was.

The fear baggage is too heavy and fear preoccupies and blanks out most minds. There is no spontaneity nor willingness to work on new initiatives. This is why there are only a few successful and charismatic leaders BUT "tons" of followers!

It is good to remind and challenge ourselves to relive our "baby days" where curiosity exists and fear is unknown and the only desire is to attain what the baby wants. If we forgot our "baby days", do observe and play with the baby if you have the opportunity to do so. You will relearn many valuable lessons and tricks as well.

In closing, we as an adult, can achieve what we want to achieve, without the feeling of fears, failures and embarrassments, if we remember our curious and fearless baby days!

"I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work." says Thomas A Edison.

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