The Uniform/Chair makes the Difference!

If you are to meet an individual anywhere other than in the work environment, the individual is just another number or individual in the crowd. You do not give a second look or any consideration for the individual. The most likely thing to happen, in the best case scenario, is a smile and hello ... and then you walked away.

The individual does not represent any centre of authority, influence, power or of interest to you.

However, if the same individual dons on a formal office attire or uniform in the work environment or "sits" on a particular chair of authority, there is a transformation! Whether he ranks high in the hierarchy or low, he receives respect as he represents authority, influence or power.

Thus, there is a saying which says "respect the uniform/chair and not the person". Thus, the moment the individual retires or resigned from his position, he is just another individual. He becomes "faceless".

Unless, he is of an exemplary character, he will quickly fade away or be neglected or loses the respect immediately once he is not in "uniform" or the "chair". This applies whether the individual belongs to the uniform group or in any government or private sector.

Thus the value of life is to be of good, helpful and of exemplary character and the respect will "stick" to the person for life whether he is out of work environment or retired! Genuine respect is to be earned!

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