SKL Disposable Circumcision Device

If you are searching for the latest circumcision device, I am glad to introduce you to SKL Disposable Circumcision Device.

This innovative device is the latest generation of circumcision device. It is patented by a Malaysian Surgeon, Dato' Dr KL Siow, who had many years of experience in performing circumcisions with many different techniques and using various devices available in the Country. It took him 8 years to perfect this device.

The device's innovative and unique design ensures that there is no danger of accidental cut of the glans and minimal risk of infection. Patients will be able to go back to work or participate in any outdoor activities immediately after the surgery. There would be minimal or no discomfort or pain, if any, as the device will protect the glans from direct contact against the clothing. Patients would not be required to follow-up with the Doctors as the device will 'drop-off" by itself about 10-14 days after surgery.

Doctors would also love this device as the whole procedure would be completed in about 2.5 minutes or less.

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