Mindset Challenge

Lately, I had the opportunity to meet a couple of successful Entrepreneurs and Managers who were filled with the passions and respective visions to grow their "empires/companies" aggressively. I could not understand that, despite their great visions, they are trapped in the past with the "old mindset" and unwittingly applying their skill and knowledge of the past in today's decision making hoping for "high performance results".

We are in the age of knowledge and information overload and plentiful in skill availability. It puzzles me that these Entrepreneurs and Managers are still in the "primitive" environment with old skill sets, knowledge and structures.

Can this mindset entrapment brings about improvement in result and intent? The answer is "yes it can". However, the speed and quality may be a challenge. Will the practitioner realised this? "No" as they had no defined benchmark or set KPIs to begin with or there may be reasons to compromise the outcomes by the Entrepreneurs and Managers themselves.

Many of these Companies, owned and/or managed by these Entrepreneurs or Managers, undeniably cannot be classified as failures as the shareholders are happy with the revenues and returns BUT if only they realised their entrapment, they could propel themselves a few notches up the Performance grid and drive the Companies to higher performances!

I am a great believer in Newton's Third Law of "Equal and Opposite Reaction" or in today's term "cause and effect" or in IT lingo "rubbish in, rubbish out" ...

For these Entrepreneurs and Managers, my advice is to have objective "Gap Analysis" within the respective Companies ... identify Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats (SWOT) and work on these with solutions, set challenging KPIs ... and if you need to ... seek help! Not any help BUT the right help!

So there is hope!

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