How to Eat an Elephant ?

How to eat an elephant? An elephant is an enormous creature whether it is from the Africa or Asia continent. So, how do you eat one?

This question is always being thrown at Managers who are faced with an enormous and great challenge or goal. The answer is simple: One bite size at a time until all is consumed!

In other words, cut or compartmentalise the ultimate final challenge or goal to a series of manageable sizes or a series of smaller goals leading to the end goal ie to finish eating the whole elephant! Have immediate short term then medium to long term goals. Finally, the elephant will be consumed within the defined time frame.

How do you begin? Initially, size up the elephant. Design a plan and time period to cut and cook the elephant. Ensure that the right skill workers and tools are used. Map out the storage and delivery of the "cut" elephant over a period of time. Have contingency plan to manage and mitigate risks for unforeseen situations like "electrical black-outs" etc Do not lose sight of the end point of "eating the whole elephant". Leverage with whatever you have to achieve your goal!

In management jargon, it means to have a SWOT analysis done, design a business plan, identify your short, medium to long term goals in order to achieve the final overall goal. Ensure that the various available resources and risk management are in place. Remain focus to achieve the overall goal and have corrective actions if there are any distractions that will deviate the final goal to be achieved.

In conclusion, "Rome was not built in a day" so does "eating an elephant"!

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