Business Recalibration

A Company is normally happy and contented, albeit occasional desire for change for better performance though revenue, profit and ROI are healthy and trending is positive.

Many fear to introduce change into its business as it may disrupt the existing work culture, habit, comfort and even the possibility of negative financial impact! Thus introduction of change may be worse then "not changing". Therefore, change, if ever, must be managed well.

Successful sustainable profitable business must be proactive and keep ahead of competitors in preserving and even expanding its market share. The business owner needs to anticipate customers' changing preferences, economic and governmental policies, technology advancements, borderless competitions and protectionisms in different geographies and industries ...

The business must be customer-centric. There is thus a need to allocate time to relook and review  the business of the Company from time to time and to recalibrate its deliverables, performance and success against the Competitors as well as the market environment and opportunities - both existing and the future.

Identify, seek and build resources in finance, talent and manpower, review the support structures, introduce new skill sets and mindset, upgrade technology where relevant, business and support processes to be strengthened, have risk management in place, incorporate Corporate Social Responsibility in the company culture ... these are some of the fundamentals towards developing and creating a sustainable High Performance Organisation.

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