Recovery with the right Expertise & Resource

I was not feeling well since last Saturday and thank God I am now almost recovered ...

The throat was dry. Voice was coarse. Body a bit awkward ... temperature seemed to be above normal ... hmmm... getting sick I told my family members.

Usual advice ... drink more water, avoid "heaty" food ... well I did that ... but it was of little help and I needed to prepare for the next day Church service. Throughout the day, I drank herbal tea, seeking relief from "fisherman lozenges" and tablets of paracetamol to lower the body temperature and meanwhile depending on the body immune system to do its work in bringing the body back to optimal working condition. Meanwhile, prayers helped ... God heard ...

Praise God, I went through the next day, Sunday Church service with no problem until the afternoon when the ailment relapsed with affirmative symptoms.

I decided to seek help and I drove to the Pharmacy to purchase antibiotic for the throat infection that led to secondary complications. It is good that in Malaysia the retail shop is always accessible. I started the therapy that very day and today I am feeling much better and had been on my feet since the last 2 days.

Why do I decide to write about this? Well, I cannot help but to counsel that an ailing Company must seek help as well if the Company after some internal restructuring or re-engineering and is still not able to recover or performed to expectation or as desired within the expected time frame then it is crucial and timely to seek external expertise and resources as well.

Like my body, it would quickly turn around and so does the Company provided that the right medication or resources is rightly sourced.

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