Resilience and Health of the Company

It is during the bad times when the economy threatens towards a downturn or is in the midst of downturn that the resilience and health of the Company are being measured. 

Can the Company sustain during the time of adversity... and for how long? How quick will the Company be able to turn around? On the other hand, can the Company capitalised on the situation and, not only to turn around, but grow!

These are real issues and challenges, as well as opportunities, for a healthy and well structured company to be a winner in an adverse economic condition. A Company, well managed will have all the resources, structures, policies, risk management and business continuity programmes in place. It will be proactively prepared for any unforeseen economic climate or natural disaster or any new government legislations that may negatively affect its business model ...

Thus, visionary and great leadership in the Company is important to drive and to give traction to the Company for not only in mid but to long term sustainability and success. Today's leadership is being challenged by many uncertainties, not only economically, but also encompasses high employees mobility and borderless business challenges. Also, opportunities and risks and local businesses are more linked to global economy. Additionally, competitors are more knowledgeable and skilled. Market environment also moved at faster pace ...

As a Leader or Entrepreneur, do you feels adequate or prepared to lead the Team forward for long term? Thus it is important that Company needs to educate and learn to execute new skills and knowledge through unlearning of old ones as well.

It is inevitable and appropriate that structures, resources and policies of the Company must be in place and able to support the business and growth of the Company irrespective of economic, natural, legislative, technological, social or geographical challenges or disasters.

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