Project Management

Most of the time expectations do not meet up with reality if clarity is an issue coupled with inadequate resources to lead and guide the Team through agreed Project Plan.

I have always advised Company to have follow through Action Plan to ensure implementation of Project. Much resources, effort, time and money would have normally been expended, not by one or two, but by many individuals with various cross functional skills and knowledge within the organisation to work out an agreed Project.

Theoretically, it would be fair to expect that the outcome of the execution will be according to the Project Plan. Thus the Team would have to understand what are the Critical Success Factors for implementation, who needs to be engaged to execute, what are the key steps needed to execute ...

However, from experience, unless there is a Project Leader to lead and monitor the progress, and work together as a Team, in a regular and timely manner, to ensure adherence, with minimal deviation from the Plan, the end point will most likely be disaster.

Further, the Project Team leader must be someone who has the seniority, authority, skills, knowledge and respect of the team members. There must be an in-built empowerment for the Team to move forward and with defined milestones and time frames leading to the completion of the Project.

The Project Team should also have a Project Advisor/Patron, who normally is a Director or Senior Manager of the Company, acting as a "Big Brother", who provides resources, determination and "guiding light" to ensure the completion and success of the Project.

Thus, with proper planning and guidance, especially for multi disciplinary complex Project, proper execution of Plan is important to ensure timely achievement of plan.

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