High Profile?

Very familiar remark of CEOs ... "I want to grow and expand my business aggressively but I am a private person. I do not want to have high visibility."

It always puzzle me when I hear this statement. To grow a business aggressively, you do need to be active and build your network and profile. You need to be with the right crowd and environment. 

An ambitious CEO needs to be able to exude confidence and mastery of his business. He exudes a flair for business, connectivity and public relationship. He surrounds himself with skill and knowledgeable staff and advisors. He is courageous to take calculated risks and challenges. He is not afraid to fail ...
If the CEO intends to embark on an ambitious project like having a public IPO, the bar is raised. The CEO has to trade-off some of his private time and freedom as he markets himself.

To create interest in his IPO, he has to "rebrand" himself and his Company. This takes deliberate conscious effort, time and money ... The public and private investors are realistic and demanding. They need to know who is leading the Company, the prospect and sustainability of the business and Company ... thus, rebranding and re-profiling is a prerequisite to accelerate and propel growth to the next level! He will definitely be on a trajectory course of "high profile" and thus visibility.

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