Hospital Engineering Services - Hugh Potential

There is a huge potential for the development of hospital engineering services in Malaysia's healthcare industry as the number of hospitals and clinics here is growing fast.

The Biomedical Engineering Association of Malaysia (BEAM) president Tauran Zaidi Ahmad Zaidi said professionals and engineers that are directly or indirectly involved in the service are also increasing. He said every healthcare centre needs competent facility managers or professionals who can manage the engineering services.

"Malaysia still needs to develop its hospital engineering services to cater to the growth of the local healthcare industry. Hospital engineering is a significant backbone of the industry," said Tauran Zaidi at press conference here yesterday, in conjunction with the inaugural Hospital Engineering International Conference and Exhibition 2013 that starts today.

Hospital engineering covers a wide aspect of the healthcare industry, including the designing, maintenance and operation of hospitals.

"The industry (healthcare engineering) is not only about buildings, electrical and maintenance but also includes the production and export of medical equipment," said Tauran Zaidi.

The Hospital Engineering International Conference and Exhibition 2013, which is organised by BEAM, aims to bring worldwide industry experts together to exchange information and ideas on the industry's latest development and technology.

Source: Business Times, 12-09-2013

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