Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

After a hard day's work at the office, most of us would be mentally exhausted and drained. Many would not want to "move" as the body is also feeling lethargic and lazy. To think of it, this is obvious as the mind ie the brain controls the body. The mind tells the body "we are tired, let's not move!" .. so we felt lazy to move ...

In fact, we should act the opposite. We should control our mind. We should pick up ourselves and go for a "physical work-out" either to a gym, jogging or a round of games. This often times "refreshes" the mind and body.

When the mind is tired, I believe, blood flow to the brain slows, brain metabolism gets impaired, carbon dioxide builds up, toxic waste accumulates and the brain cries out and gets "drained" ...

According to a neuro scientific research, the brain functions at its best when the body moves! Exercise is critical to the brain as  it affects positively how the brain feels and thinks. Some of the benefits are 1) the body feels refresh and energetic 2) the brain absorbs and learns better 3) it helps "lower" stress and anxiety 4) slows the brain ageing process 5) helps with new brain cells growth.

It is also commonly believed that exercise can be as effective as anti-depressants and lower the probability of dementia by 50%.

Thus, after a hard day's work, I would recommend that we feed our brain with oxygen through engaging in active exercises. The increase in blood flow would not only increase the oxygen supply but also nutrients and take away built-up toxic waste away from the brain. We will definitely feel fresher, alert and energetic.

Therefore, do not neglect to exercise. Build up this good old habit! Be healthy and stay healthy. A healthy mind gives a healthy body.

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