Good leadership

Throughout my career I have been a subordinate to many superiors as well as a superior to many others. I had learnt to climb the corporate ladder of success. Sometimes, I climbed a few steps up speedily and sometimes slowly. I had even experienced staying on the same step without moving for a while. Well, it is part and parcel of upward mobility in my corporate career.

I had also seen weak and great leaders. I learnt from both this category of leaders. I avoided the leadership behaviour of the weak but build-on the good behaviour and attitude of the great leaders.

There are 2 distinct behaviours of weak leadership, that stood up very prominently in my mind, that I observe to this day that must be strongly avoided:

1) Not wanting to take risks or accepting challenges: This is a complacent leader who believes that he "knows all" and "he has arrived". There is no necessity to take on extra risk in the work place as he is in a comfortable position. "Do not rock the boat" is his mentality and mantra. Unfortunately, without him realising he will be stagnating and he will not be able to grow neither do the Company. This is bad for him as well as the Company and his subordinates.

As a leader, we are ever learning, as the market, competitors and technology are ever in a dynamic state. It is the role of the leader to take risks and find challenges and lead the team through them and win! By staying still, nobody wins except the competitors!

2) "Political" or popularity rather than being respected: Another common trait is the leader who likes to be popular. He will not make decisions that will negatively affect his peers and subordinates though he has to make such decisions. A great leader, in fact, is both liked and respected. If the leader worries too much of being popular, most likely he is not making enough of tough decisions to lead others effectively.

There are other weak behaviours, which I believe, are still out there among the leaders. Do take cognizant and avoid them. Great leadership builds great team and successful business!

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