No inbreeding

It is always a good practice to promote an individual, who has the right attitude, passion, skill, knowledge and qualification, from within an Organisation, to a higher position when a vacancy or opportunity arises.

Recently, I was asked for my view, which I fully endorsed as this has always been my practice in time past. Internal promotion is always a positive and motivating factor for it builds loyalty and rewards performance and recognition to the employee.

However I cautioned with a caveat ie unless the individual identified is really qualified and suitable for the promotion and the leadership is healthy and strong, do proceed.

However if the leadership within the Organisation lacks expertise and knowledge, there should not be an internal promotion as this may lead to inbreeding and the candidate would not be properly guided and developed. The Organisation would suffer. 

In fact, I would advise that "new outside blood", having the right qualifications and relevant skills and knowledge, should be recruited into the Organisation instead.

This is to consciously create positive stress and challenge to the "status quo" of a lethargic and comfortable working environment. In this instance, the management would be invigorated with renewal, innovation and creativeness been challenged with fresh talents from "outside.

I believe, by this way, the Company would move forward without the danger and risk of "inbreeding" of ineptitude if internal promotion is to take place.

The infusion of "freshness" into the environment would jolt and challenge the existing leadership style, management practices and thought processes into adopting better practices and creating more dynamic, exciting, effective and productive environment.

Restructuring of human talent, like all things, must be undertaken with much thoughts, planning and with the right guidance and expertise without which the end result may be worse than the first.

Senior Management, with the help of Consultant, if necessary, must have an oversight and control to ensure the desired outcome.


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