Ensuring everyone is in the Team

I had an opportunity, recently, to evaluate whether all members working together are on board as a team member.

A common assumption by Management is that "members working together are naturally team members who share a common goal".

But is this so? What is expected of being a Team member? It simply means that all members of the same Team share the same values and goals, have the same dream and spirit, harnessing and capitalising on each other's strength (in knowledge and skill), helping and encouraging one another towards achieving a common goal. 

But what is the reality? Most of the time, far from it. Thus, do not assume that all members of your team is working together as a Team member!

It is important not to assume.

It is important to find out whether members in your Team are in the Team or not.

Evaluation, on a periodic basis, must be instituted.

It is initiated with the definition and selection process with defined criteria. Objective evaluation is not based on emotions or relationships.

Any person in the team, irrespective of his seniority or length of service, who do not believe and embrace the team goal nor compliant must not be in the Team.

It is important to consider the end result from the beginning in order to do the right thing in achieving the desired goal. If members in the same boat, are not focussed and sharing the same goal, and, do not row the boat together in tandem, how can there be a winning Team?

Setting the right tone and having a winning Team will always avoid disappointment and frustration, which are costly in terms of time, money, effort and opportunity.


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