Malaysia: "Cancer" Hospitals

The RM693 million National Cancer Institute (NCI) is sited near the Putrajaya Hospital in Precinct 7, is equipped with comprehensive, sophisticated and cutting edge equipment to treat and manage cancer patients. NCI was operational since late 2013.

According to the Minister of Health, YB Dato Seri Dr Subramaniam, there will be 20 cancer specialists stationed at NCI with a staff strength of 400 encompassing all levels.

He also said NCI would be a prestigious referral centre for the treatment of cancer and care for cancer patients, training, research and prevention.

He said the 252-bed NCI also had a Nuclear Waste Treatment System of international standards for gathering and disposing of radioactive waste.

Further, the NCI is also equipped with an Intensive Care Unit, four operation theatres, Oncology Daily Treatment Unit, and outpatient clinics for oncology, nuclear medicine and a multidisciplinary clinic.

Dr Subramaniam said NCI would have a comprehensive ICT system or Total Hospital System (THIS) with the element of the Oncology Information System(OIS), being the first in the country.

THIS can be integrated online with two other nearby hospitals, Putrajaya and Serdang, to ease management of patients.

According to the statistics of the National Cancer Registry Malaysia, in 2007 alone 18,219 new cancer cases were identified, and death due to cancer in 2006 stood at 10.59 per cent compared to 7.37 percent in 1975.

There are only four other government hospitals providing cancer treatment services viz: Kuala Lumpur Hospital, Sultan Ismail Hospital (Johor), Likas Hospital (Sabah) and the Sarawak General Hospital (Kuching).


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