When I was having my evening walk earlier on, the acronym "DEED" just popped into my mind. I was struggling to remember what this stands for? And which part of my career was this acronym being used? And in what perspective.

Finally after some anguish moments, which I thought, I would never be able to recall, it came out.

DEED was "used" during the time when I was receiving disease management training in diabetes care.

D = Drug therapy, E = Education, E = Exercise, D = Diet

Obviously drug (D) is prescribed to patients to control blood glucose level in diabetic patients when the glucose level remains persistently above a certain critical measurement.

The best approach in treating any disease is to prevent the onset of the disease in the first place. Have you heard of "Prevention is better than Cure?" What is the best way to prevent?

Education is the way forward. The public needs to know "What is the disease condition and what is the aetiology?" With adequate knowledge of the potential damage the disease could impact on the overall well-being and quality of life of the person, the person would be ready to take upon himself to prevent or manage the potential risk of acquiring the disease.

Exercise and Diet would be as important for prevention as well as managing those individual who has already being impacted by the disease. With both additional dimensions, the disease would be better controlled and the onset of other complications eg stroke, retinopathy, nephropathy prevented or delayed.

The concept of "DEED" is important as there is a drive by the WHO and national Health Authorities to manage the escalation of Non-Communicable Disease (NCD) the world over.

Thus in implementing "DEED", various Authorities within the country has to work with the Health Authority in the specified country eg the education ministry has to be part of the Committee for NCD work group.


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