EPP3 - pMDI by RBL

From the ETP website, RB Lifescience Sdn Bhd (RBL), will be building a pharmaceutical plant for the production of generic pMDI inhalers and oncology injectables.

The commercial production of these medicines will kick start in 2016 and the later in 2017. This initiative has large potential as it has an expected growth rate of 8-10% pa in Malaysia and in the ASEAN region.
  • Investment by 2020 (million)
  • GNI Impact by 2020 (million)
  • Jobs created by 2020
The generic medicines and the technology are new and currently unavailable in this region. Therefore, RBL will acquire new technology via technology transfer agreements with renowned international pharmaceutical companies. Through this, RBL aims to develop the nation’s pharmaceutical sector by becoming a large exporter of these generic medicines by 2020.

Currently, inhalers and oncology injectables are imported by the countries in the ASEAN region. 

Source: ETP website Project 29-08-2013


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