Frame of Mind

Since the Malaysian Budget 2014 was announced on 25th October 2013, I was asked many times on my views about "the GST" and the "RPGT". These 2 are hot topics "for the day" as evidenced by the many write-ups in the news media in the past few weeks.

I gave my views and then it would be followed by tirades of "what is not right" about the "GST" and the "RPGT". The people, who asked me, would identify the pitfalls, the timing, the implementation mechanisms etc  ... I was taken aback when there were also numerous discussions and feedbacks, in the news media and "Talk Shows" from authoritative and leading financials and management bodies/corporations outlining the "pros" and "cons" and the mechanisms, in their views, in which the "GST" and the "RPGT" could be implemented. Experiences of other Countries were also being openly discussed and shared.

The people was obviously oblivious to the bigger picture of the "world out there" and decided to be trapped in their views of "what is going to happen and how disadvantaged would the people be" if the 2 subject matters are to be implemented. To my mind, "they asked and yet decidedly not ready to open their minds to the on-going debates on same" in order to have a better grip on their interests. Thus, they get frustrated and "stressed-out".

What do I do? I just had to explain my views and supplement with the various opinions, proposals and suggestions that I read and heard from the Authority and other authoritative and competent professionals/corporations. Meanwhile, it must be noted that the Government is still mulling with the details of the implementation.

What lesson can we gathered from here? I suppose there are always differences of opinions in any subject matter ... some are opened to the views of others, others may not and yet there are some who think they know more ... You can't win them all ... life has to go on ... you do what you can and do the best according to your ability ...

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