EPP3: Orthopaedic devices - Sima Medical

Sima Medical will be championing an effort to develop orthopaedic clinical devices in Malaysia via its joint venture with the Naton Medical Group of China and Malaysian partners.
  • Investment by 2020 (million)
  • GNI Impact by 2020 (million)
  • Jobs created by 2020
The OEM will be based in Malaysia with the technologies and intellectual properties provided by the Naton Medical Group. Sima Medical will focus on the following orthopaedic product segments:

- Nail, Plate, Knee, Hip, Spine, Dental and Cranio-Maxillofacial systems
The manufacturing of these segments will be outsourced by Sima Medical to Straits Orthopaedics and/or ABio Orthopaedics of Penang. Sima Medical will directly undertake the marketing and sales of products to emerging and international markets in Penang and the R&D will be based in Petaling Jaya.

Market sector especially in the Asia Pacific are achieving double digits growth in orthopaedics field.

Therefore, Malaysia is an ideal location for Sima Medical for two main reasons include internationally cost competitive and positive perception of the Malaysian made products. The projected timelines for this project are as per below:
  • Phase 1 – launch products into the Malaysian market before the end of 2014
  • Phase 2 – launch products into the Asia Pacific markets before the end of 2015
 Source: ETP website

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