Name Card

I was told by a friend, who travels extensively across the globe on business, that only in Asia that "you see name cards being frequently exchanged ..." Everybody seems to have name cards...

In a way, it's true. I can easily visualize the many occasions that I observed that cards are frequently exchanged, from a junior and up and coming executives, to mid and higher management staff in almost any settings viz; in a pub to restaurants, hotel lobbies, offices etc in this part of the world.

Personally, I believe that giving a name card to an acquaintance or friend is for practical reason as it facilitate follow-ups and opoortunitites. The card would also update your "address, place of work, status in the Company, your contact details ..."

Thus, in a way, your name card, "sells" and impresses upon the person, who received your card, as to your "standing or status" either socially or in business. I would therefore advise that it is of utmost importance, in business, that your name card be well designed and be attractive with all relevant details of "who you are".

"Why?" ... this was asked by a friend ... "and why the title or your position in the Company? I would prefer to have my name and leave out my position ..."

The rationale: " If you are under time constraint and need to make a quick decision to seek a business collaboration, what would you do? ... and you have 10 potential partners and their respective business cards are in front of you and you need to see only 3 for selection ... I am sure you would screen the 10 cards, picked the better of the 10 cards, study the names, the titles and positions of the respective individuals in the Companies etc ... Without hesitation and doubt you would select the person with the recognised responsibility and title in the company as you would like to speak to the right person for decision making ... Thus, lo and behold, if your name card is without your title and standing in the Company, though you may want to be humble, you may miss out the opportunity!"

Your name card is thus "you" when "you" are not physically available. Thus you have to be "attractive" even though you are not physically around.

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