All in the Head?

"The Company has all along the Vision of moving the Company forward. It is not right to say that we do not have the Vision!".

Many self-made successful entrepreneurs, new "start-ups" and even small to medium size Companies have their respective Corporate Visions ... BUT in their "heads". Other than a few key leaders, the rest of the staff within the Organisations are oblivious to the Vision.

Thus there is a definite disconnect between the leaders and the staff. There will be time, finance, effort, output inefficiency and  productivity against the Company's unannounced "Vision" which are only known to a few.

Thus , we observe the unconscious development of dysfunctional teams with each assuming that they are aligned in the right direction in business growth and development. Nothing is further from the truth.

To map, align, accelerate and successfully achieve business growth and development, all staff within the Company must know, understand and embrace with deliberate conscious effort to strive towards achieving the Company's Vision and Mission objectives within, if not earliest, time frame.

There will definitely be coherent and cohesive Teams which speaks the same language from the same platform, with enthusiasm and energy, driving towards achieving the objectives.

Thus, having a Vision & Mission Statement is not enough. It must be communicated to ALL levels of staff in the Organisation. Programs and activities, with the right Values, be inculcated and built into the Organisation for optimal results and a high performance culture.

Do seek professional assistance if need to.

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