Business partner, consultant, coach and advisory to Multinational or Malaysian domestic Companies to (1) explore new market or product (2) make market-entry into Malaysia (3) new "start-up" initiatives (4) enhancing performance in an "on-going" business (5) identifying management gaps (6) plugging financial leakages and cost efficiency.

We offer services in:

- Market Survey, Market feasibility Study, Business Plan for market entry, Product branding, Product brochures and advertising, Marketing & Sales Planning, Sales Training, Regulatory and Product registration.

- Company profiling. Re-engineering and re-structuring support for business growth.

- Business Gap Analysis in opportunities. Building and /or enhancement in talents, systems and processes to drive motivation, productivity and efficiency.

- Identifying business leakages and to plug such leakages eg inventories, ageing accounts, credits

- Updating and engaging Management in healthcare development in order for the Organisation to develop effective business strategic plan for growth.

- Training and Developing knowledge and skill programs for growth.

- Sourcing and collaboration for/with trade Partners. 

- Business and Trade Agreement reviews to manage risks.

- Exploring foreign economies for business opportunities in ASEAN.

A personal "Mentoring" or Coaching Program can be arranged with interested CEO or Senior Manager.

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