Choe Tong Seng grew up in the Corporate world, having worked in renowned leading global MNCs and domestic Malaysian Companies. He moved up the rungs of the corporate ladder from the lowest, as a sales representative, to the very top as a CEO/Managing Director of the Country. Prior to his exit from the Corporate world, to start his own business consultancy, he was a Regional Director responsible for the ASEAN countries.

He had attended and participated in many local and overseas meetings, seminars and trainings in branding, marketing, sales, general management, strategic planning, market development etc

Choe's many years in the Healthcare Industry, existing extensive network and active participations in various Projects with the Government (eg PEMANDU - a KPI driven business unit in the Prime Minister's Department and various Working Groups within the Pharmaceutical Services Division of the Ministry of Health), NGOs (eg Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society, Malaysian Community Pharmacy Guilds) and Trade Association (eg Malaysian Association of Pharmaceutical Suppliers, Pharmaceutical Associations of Malaysia, Malaysian Organisation of Pharmaceutical Industry) in policies formulation and input, development and implementation of strategies and action plans have enabled him to keep abreast with the changing, transforming roles and dynamism of the Industry.

In this manner, Choe continues to be relevant and active in driving the Industry together with the other Healthcare stakeholders in delivering quality, affordable, accessible and equitable healthcare for all.

He looks forward to share and assist Companies to perform with enhanced productivity and efficiency, and to keep ahead of Competitors, in meeting their respective business Visions and objectives, with KPIs measurements, with returns on shareholders' values through building human capital, business structures, systems and processes, corporate social responsibilities and sustainability via partnerships and business collaborations within and without the respective Organisations.

He sees himself as an enabler, facilitator and thus as "Business Coach" and "Business Advisor" to his Clients.

Clients expressed satisfaction with the work done by Choe. Many have returned to engage or to retain him in business projects.

His profile:  https://www.linkedin.com/pub/tong-seng-choe/13/698/129