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Being a Business Consultant, Speaker, Coach and Mentor, there is a network of resources, with a few listed herewith, which I am able to leverage when there is a need or when Partners require heavier structures, expertise, skills and knowledge which are more complex and global.

In an emerging economy, there will always be a scarcity of knowledgeable and skilled personnel.

Thus, it is important and beneficial, that this site provides opportunities for career seekers as well as those who seek career upward mobility.

It is the desire that this Site would benefit all visitors and Partners.

Moving forward, I hope to receive proposals or requirements that you may have in order for us to connect, explore or create a new business opportunities and/or eco-system together.

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Are you looking for market entry and traction into East Malaysia?

Datuk Nancy Ho, JP has extensive and in-depth knowledge of the pharmaceutical market in East Malaysia particularly in Sabah. Her extensive network and connectivity with the Industry and "all who matters most" are indeed great assets to those who desire to accelerate market entry into the Territory or seeking Business Advisor, Coach, Facilator, Mentor or Trainer for their respective operations.

Datuk Nancy started work in 1973 as a Hospital Pharmacist. 

Currently, she is the Owner & CEO of Medical Supplies (Sabah) Sdn Bhd, 
with core business focus in "Marketing, Sales & Distribution" for
Multinational and local pharmaceutical generic Companies in Sabah, East 

In the Community Retail sector, Datuk Nancy Ho was the owner and managed Joy Pharmacy Sdn Bhd which had 4 outlets. She was also a Consultant for Cosway Pharmacy Sdn 
Bhd, a chain Pharmacy Group with its' Head Office in Kuala Lumpur.

She is no stranger to "a franchise business community pharmacy model" as having initiated 
Pharmacare Medicine Shoppe under the KPJ Healthcare Berhad. 

She conducts training courses frequently in Chairmanship and Meeting Procedures, Public Speaking, Negotiation Skills, People Management, Salesmanship and Communication.

She has also served many years as Board Member to the Institute for Development Studies, Honorary Advisor (Pharmacy) to Sabah Family Planning Association, Vice Chairman of Institute Sinaran 
which is a Pre-University Institute and an Advisor to student affairs at the University Malaysia Sabah Campus. 

She was also a member of the Board of Advisors for the Pharmacy Faculty of Nottingham University, Malaysia.

She currently sits as a Member of the Board of Advisors to Kota Kinabalu City Hall.

I would be most happy to connect you with Datuk Nancy Ho through:


Pharma Market Entry into Malaysia and Europe:

I had just recently established a business collaboration with Mr Cesareo Goyanes Duran.
He is based in Madrid, Spain and works in Business Development Advisory for pharmaceutical companies with footprints across Europe.

His background includes ten years with the Commercial Section of the Malaysian Embassy for Venezuela and eight other Caribbean and South American countries. He has international business education in the USA, and a wide network of contacts across the globe. He had also worked very successfully in  Marketing and Sales for multinational organizations.

Cesareo can assist potential investors or buyers from Malaysia or any geographies, to make market entry into Spain, the UK and across the EU.

In-licensing and other types of partnerships can also be developed.

The main requirement would be identification of products of interest, both Poison, Non-Poison, OTCs or even health supplements.

I am collaborating with him on:

(1) M&A. Currently, he is representing a billion Ringgit Pharma Company which is looking to purchase a Malaysian Pharma Company with sales revenue of RM65 million or below

 (2) identifying Malaysian Companies who would like to represent European pharmaceutical companies in Malaysia or vice versa Malaysian products to Europe.

I would be glad if interested party could write to me at:

Regulatory Expertise and Services

Henry Heng has been successfully engaging and servicing Pharmaceutical Companies, for at least 20 past years, with relevant knowledge and expertise in the area of product registrations. He works with big Pharma as well as small to medium size Companies.

He provides consultancy as well as offering his registration services for products in the Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Food Supplements, Traditional/Herbals and Cosmetics sectors. He also works intimately with the national regulatory bodies like the Malaysian Drug Control Authority (DCA) and the Medical Device Authority (MDA).

Henry has the capability, capacity and relevant resources to support his business partners.

His service tagline is: "Trustworthy & Strategic Registration Consultant".

You can connect to Henry through:



Change Management Guru

If you are looking for a "Change Management Guru", look no further.

I am recommending Dr Victor SL Tan, Managing Director of KL Strategic Consulting Group (KLSCG). He has more than 32 years in consulting, banking, strategic planning and training.

He has been engaged by both the local and international companies to undertake business reengineering, organisation restructuring and implementation of organisation change.

He had successfully conducted many change management and culture development for many organisations. His past clients included the American Express, Bank Negara Malaysia, Dell Asia, B Braun, Sony, EMCS, Telekom Malaysia and Securities Commission Malaysia, to name a few.

He had also published over 500 management articles in The STAR, The New Straits Times, The Banker's Journal, Malaysian Business, Business Today and the Malaysian Tatler.

He is also the Author of 6 management books, with a few translated into Bahasa Malaysia viz: Change To Win, Changing Mindsets, Releasing Trapped Minds, Changing Your Corporate Culture, The Change Wizard, The Secret of Change.

He has been recognised by the Malaysian Book of Records as the Number One change management trainer in Malaysia.

For more details kindly email me at:


Business Consultancy


IMS Consulting Group (IMSCG) is a leading global consulting firm focused exclusively on life sciences.  

IMSCG is passionate about supporting their clients to create ground-breaking treatments and improve health all over the world. Their depth of experience and breadth of knowledge in the commercial healthcare sector allows them to create services and synthesize insights that other management consulting firms cannot deliver.

In order to create long-term value and competitive advantage, clients must constantly prepare for an evolving industry. IMSCG’s pure life sciences focus, unique access to data and global footprint enable them to spot trends and emerging issues quickly and help clients break barriers, develop new and sustainable models, and create long-term, transformational impact.

IMS also publishes annual pharmaceutical sales data for local countries.

I had the opportunity to collaborate with (1) IMS-Malaysia in 2011-2013 for a Project with the Malaysia Ministry of Health and (2) IMSCG-London for a "ground breaking" Project in Malaysia with a global perspective in 2014 -2015.

If you would like to engage IMSCG for any business consultancy, I would be pleased to direct you to the relevant Consultant in IMSCG.

Please email me at:



 Job Opportunities

I have Pharmaceutical Partners who are seeking to appoint General Managers, Product Managers, Regulatory Officers/Managers, Sales Managers and Sales Executives for their respective Malaysia offices.

If you are comfortably employed but would like to seek fresh working environment, take on new challenges or would like to upgrade your existing position, I could be of assistance.

You must be:

1) a Malaysian or, if a foreigner, possess a "Work Permit" in Malaysia
2) knowledgeable and skilled in the position applied for
3) possess the relevant "paper" qualification/s.
4) relevant work experience of 3-5 years
5) successful work track record
6) KPIs driven, IT literate, ability to perform as a member of a High Performance Team
7) good interactive personal and social skill
8) good command of written and spoken English.

Attractive remuneration and benefits will be compensated according to each individual's experience.

If you would like to give yourself an opportunity, please email your CV, with no obligation from either Party*, for consideration and work placement to:

All applications, waiting for considerations or placements, will be stored in a data bank for vacancy/opportunity that will arise from time to time.

All applications will be treated with utmost confidentiality.

Please email all applications to:

Legend: Party* = Both Applicant and Recipient