Private doctors and dentists' consultation fees deregulated

Doctors and dentists in private clinics and hospitals can soon determine their own consultation fees, following a decision by the Cabinet to deregulate the fee structures and let free market reign.

The consultation fees must be displayed clearly so that patients are aware of the fees before getting treatment.The latest decision will strengthen the consumers' power to choose their doctors.

If patients are not happy with the charges or services received in any of the private facilities, they can lodge a complaint with the Private Medical Practice Control Section at for further investigation.
Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad, who announced this, said the Cabinet had assessed the matter holistically and comprehensively as well as taken into consideration the recommendations from the National Cost of Living Council.
The Cabinet is also concerned about the need to amend the Seventh Schedule of the Private Healthcare Facilities and Services (Private Medical Clinics and Private Dental Clinics) Regulations 2006, which has not been amended since it was enforced in 2006, he said. 
"As such, the Cabinet has agreed to abolish the control over consultation fees under Act 586.
The abolition of the fee control will include all registered facilities (in the Seventh Schedule) and licensed facilities (13th Schedule), said Dzulkefly.
The fees for GPs and dentists, as stated in the Seventh Schedule, have not changed in 27 years and doctors have been calling for the fee harmonisation as provided for in the 13th Schedule of the regulations when it was revised in 2013.
In 2013, the consultation fee was gazetted for medical officers working in private hospitals under the 13th Schedule,except for GPs and dentists working in private clinics under the Seventh Schedule.
The current fees of RM10 to RM35 for GPs and dentists practising in clinics have not been revised since 1992 while medical officers at private hospitals who have the same qualifications have been charging between RM30 and RM125 per consultation.
/theSTAR 06-12-2019
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