Kuala Lumpur Hotels: 5th Cheapest in the World

Kuala Lumpur has some of the most reasonable first-class (4/4.5-star) hotel room rates in the world, an international travel study concluded.

Malaysia’s capital, according to TripAdvisor’s Tripindex Room Ser­vice 2014, came in fifth out of 48 countries in terms of combined room service item prices and room rates (RM437.85).

In terms of room rates, hotels in KL came in sixth cheapest worldwide, with prices at about RM334.58

When it came to room service items, KL hotels fell outside the top ten affordable destinations, with a basket of items costing RM103.27

The items were divided as: a club sandwich (RM35.01), bottle of water (RM11.21), can of Coca-Cola (RM10.18), a mini bottle of vodka (RM18.93), packet of peanuts (RM9.54) and one dry-cleaned shirt (RM18.40)

First-class hotels in Jakarta were ranked as having the cheapest combined rates at RM390.92, while New York City’s were the most expensive at RM1,421.90

When it came to room service items, hotels in Tunis, Tunisia, were the cheapest with a basket of items costing RM60.65

The very same items in Finland’s Helsinki hotels cost RM293.07

Singapore saw its room service items priced at RM205.35, with com­bined rates at RM875.54; twice Malaysia’s hotel prices.

/theSTAR 27-03-2014

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