3Cs: What is it?

Someone asked me "What is the 3Cs that the Speaker was talking about?".

This person participated in a Workshop, together with me, on a "Project A". This Project requires a well thought through Plan and coordination for implementation.

The Project encompasses national, inter-state and individual interests. This Project, if successful, would transform the eco-system of the medical and pharmaceutical trade practices.

Thus, there is almost no-room for miscalculation or error in the planning and launch of this Project.

There must also be a quick and realistic back-up plan in the event of failure during launch. It cannot afford to fail, even the first time, as there would not be an opportunity to re-launch the Project a second time!

Thus the Speaker cautioned with some practical advices including the 3Cs viz: Coordination, Communication and Commitment.

Thus there MUST be a strong authoritative coordinating body and leadership to plan, develop, organise, monitor and control the Project with all interested parties and stakeholders of the Industry.

The Project Plan, once agreed upon, MUST be well communicated, through relevant and effective media, within an agreed window time frame, to all parties/stakeholders concerned with implementation, monitoring and control mechanisms in place.

Thirdly, all parties MUST be committed to execute their respective responsibilities as per defined in the Plan.

Statistic tells us that most Projects failed because of poor or lack of execution or implementation.

Thus it is important, simplistically, that the 3Cs must be understood and practised unconditionally.


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