The Horse gallops In: 2014

Chinese New Year 2014: the horse gallops in ... the snake exits ...

The year of the horse begins on 31st January 2014 and will last for 15 days. The diaspora Chinese, all over the globe, will welcome the horse and praying for a better new year.
It is also the beginning of the lunar year and begins on a different day each year. Celebrations, stretching over the 15 days, include family dinners, visitations, lion and dragon dances, "ang pows" (red packets with money are given to children and unmarried adults) and feastings.
The New Year is also a time of family reunion. Family members, wherever they are, will attempt to be back at the family paternal home for the significant re-union dinner on the new year's eve. The next 15 days will be visiting each other's homes exchanging best wishes and sharing meals/tidbits and catching up with the events of the past and the future.
The Chinese calendar does not use numbered years but some Chinese scholars date it from the third millennium BC. According to different opinions, this year of the horse is 4712, 4711 or 4651.



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