BP Healthcare: launches Taman Megah Specialist Centre

The Malaysian BP Healthcare Group launched its fifth Specialist Centre in Taman Megah recently on 18th January 2014.

“Originally, we focused on preventive care and our strengths are in diagnostic and laboratory. Over the years, our group expanded so much that we realise that serving patients with only diagnostic and laboratory may not be a comprehensive package,” said the group managing director Datuk Chevy Beh Yen San.

BP Healthcare, he said started about 30 years ago and grew from a humble homegrown brand to a group with more than 70 laboratories, 50 diagnostic centres, 50 dispensaries and pharmacies, 50 hearing aid centres, 50 food and industrial testing centres, five specialist/daycare centres, three dental specialist clinics and an eye specialist clinic.

"We have served more than 35 million customers over the last 30 years and still counting," he said.

Beh said BP Healthcare strives to provide a Wallmart-like experience to the customers and believed that healthcare is a basic needs for everyone.“We are by far the largest healthcare chain in Southeast Asia. Instead of running just like any single outlet that may not have a comprehensive healthcare system, we run as a coordinated healthcare chain," he added.

To meet the current demand for quick and efficient service, Beh said BP Healthcare decided to set up an Online Pharmacy. "A registered pharmacist will be available to communicate with the patients and customers can place orders online. The requested products will then be delivered to their homes," he said.

Source: fzcom 18-01-2014

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