Malaysian Rubber Gloves: Global leader

Malaysia’s exports of rubber gloves are projected to increase to RM 11.5bil by end 2013, up 9% from 2012’s RM 10.56bil according to the Malaysian Rubber Glove Manufacturers Association.

The figure, however, was lower than the RM14bil target set by the Association.

Accordingly, the lower increase was due to low raw material prices and the jump in the exports of nitrile gloves. As of September 2013, total glove exports from Malaysia amounted to RM7.9bil.

“Nitrile glove prices are lower compared with rubber gloves,” said the President, Mr Lim Kwee Shyan.

The Association expects exports of synthetic gloves to overtake natural rubber gloves for the first time in 2014.

Speaking to reporters at the Rubber Glove Industry 2013 Media Round Table on 6th December 2013, Kwee Shyan said he expected the global demand for rubber gloves to increase 8% to 10% from 150 billion pieces a year.

“Demand for medical rubber gloves is set to remain robust on the back of population growth and improvement in health quality,” said Kossan Rubber Industries Bhd managing director and chief executive officer Datuk Lim Kuang Sia. He added that demand for nitrile gloves would continue to grow, moving forward.

Malaysia is expected to export 96 billion pieces of gloves in 2013, accounting for 63% of world demand.

Source: theSTAR 07-12-2013

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