Top 10 Global Pharma companies in 2019:

The global pharmaceutical industry reached unprecedented heights in 2018, being estimated at an astounding USD1.11 trillion. By 2020, this figure is set to rise to USD1.43 trillion. 
With rising pressure to develop drugs to meet ever increasing global demand, pharmaceutical companies continue to work tirelessly to bring the most innovative and cutting-edge treatments to patients.
Being a research-driven industry, approximately USD150 billion is spent by pharmaceutical companies every year on research and development projects. Out of thousands of compounds, only a small percentage gain regulatory approval to be used by patients to treat disease and improve quality of life. 
However, in 2018, a record number of novel drugs developed by pharmaceutical companies across the globe were approved by various regulatory bodies. A large proportion were approved by the US regulatory body, the FDA, which approved 55 novel drugs and smashed its record for generic approvals (781 up from 763 in 2017).
Although the USA’s market share of the global pharmaceutical industry is worth over USD 341.1 billion, the Chinese, South East Asian, Eastern European and South American markets are beginning to emerge. For example, the Chinese market is rich with preclinical and early-phase drugs, and is a growing nucleus of biotech activity. 
The next few years will see global growth thanks to the increasing wealth worldwide, as well as increasing demand to maintain high levels of innovation to combat unmet medical need.
Proclinical has ranked the leading pharmaceutical companies according to 2018 revenue from their pharmaceutical segment only.  

1) Pfizer  

USD 53.7 billion

2) Roche

USD 45.6 billion

3) Johnson & Johnson 
USD 40.7 billion

4) Sanofi

USD 39.3 billion

5) Merck & Co 
USD 37.7 billion
6) Novartis
USD 34.9 billion

7) AbbVie

USD 32.8 billion

8) Amgen

USD 23.7 billion

9) GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)
USD 23 billion

10) Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS) 

USD 22.6 billion

/proclinical 20-03-2019

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