Malaysia Health Budget 2020

The Health Ministry has been allocated RM30.6 billion under Budget 2020, marking an RM1.9 billion increase from its RM28.7 billion allocation in the previous federal government budget.
The 6.6% raise in the budget for public health care next year was smaller than the 7.8% increase in Budget 2019.
However, the Health Ministry’s percentage of allocation from the total government budget was bigger than in 2019, comprising 10.3% of the overall RM297 billion 2020 budget, compared to 9.1% out of Budget 2019’s RM316.6 billion.
The Health Ministry received the third biggest allocation, after the Finance and Education Ministries at RM37.8 billion and RM64.1 billion respectively. These three make up 44.6% of total expenditure.
The allocation under services and supplies for the Health Ministry’s operational budget also saw a minimal increase, from RM10 billion in 2019 to RM10.9 billion.
However, the services and supplies allocation under the Health Ministry’s development budget was reduced from RM476.9 million to RM318.1 million in 2020.
Drugs and medications fall under services and supplies. The government will conduct pool procurement of RM500 million worth of medicines across Ministry of Health, Defence and public university hospitals, according to Budget 2020. 
The government would intensify “Buy Made In Malaysia” product campaigns.
To support the local medical device industry, the government will introduce an initiative to encourage local producers to upgrade equipment and tools used in public clinics and hospitals, based on a minimum allocation of 30 per cent.
The government will also allow pre-retirement withdrawals for private retirement schemes (PRS) for the purposes of health care and housing, based on the same terms as the Employees Provident Fund (EPF).
The Health Ministry’s allocation for emoluments increased from RM16 billion for 2019 to RM16.5 billion. 

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