Pharmaniaga APPL Tender: 2017

Pharmaniaga Bhd plans to launch more products as it anticipates the industry to perform better this year.

Managing director Datuk Farshila Emran said: “Despite the global economic challenges last year, we still did well in 2016 and expect to do better this year.” Pharmaniaga is looking forward to launch more products for cardiovascular, oncology and vaccines as well as its over-the-counter (OTC) products this year.

The company currently has about 430 ethical drugs and OTC products.

Pharmaniaga would be expanding its logistics and distribution business by offering its services to more multinational pharmaceutical companies.

“So, for this year, our capital expenditure is expected to be slightly higher at RM60mil compared with over RM50mil last year,” she said at a briefing on Pharmaniaga’s concession business with the government to facilitate e-Tender exercise for 2017-2019 tender process cycle.

Pharmaniaga is expected to receive about 1,500 tender submissions within the next two days from various potential pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical vendors for products listed in the Approved Product Purchase List (APPL) required by the Health Ministry.

As part of its concession agreement with the ministry, Pharmaniaga is required to facilitate the e-Tender exercise for the 2017-2019 tender process cycle.

“APPL e-Tender is not a new exercise. We have undertaken similar exercises every three years, the last one was in 2013. It is aimed at providing a business avenue for the pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical vendors to supply products required by the government,” explained Farshila.

As the concession holder, Pharmaniaga has got the consent from the government to carry out the APPL e-Tender procedure. However, the company is not involved in the evaluation and selection stage, which will be managed solely by the government.

“Every step of this exercise, whether via online or offline, will be scrutinised and supervised closely by the officers from the ministry and an external auditor to ensure that it is secured and conducted with integrity and transparent manner,” she added.

 /theSTAR 25-01-2017

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