Dengue Cases, 2016: Reduction of 16.1% or 19,479 cases over 2015

There was a significant drop in the number of dengue fever cases in Malaysia with deaths down by almost a third despite an increase in neighbouring countries.
The total number of cases for last year, 2016 was 101,357 compared with 120,836 for 2015, a reduction of 16.1% or 19,479 cases, way past the 5% annual reduction targeted while the number of deaths fell by a third.
While dengue fever took another six lives in the last week of last year, the total number of deaths for the year was 237 compared with 336 deaths in 2015, a 29.5% drop or 99 cases fewer, the National Crisis Preparedness Res­ponse Cen­­tre (CPRC) posted on Facebook on Tuesday.
In fact, it managed to reduce dengue cases despite Singapore, Laos and Vietnam expe­riencing an increase, according to the Malaysian Health Ministry.
The last time Malaysia experienced a drop was in 2011. In 2010, a total of 46,171 cases were recorded and in 2011, the numbers were down to 19,884. However, it had been on an upward trend since then, until last year.
Health Director General, Datuk Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah said the Ministry was pleased that it managed to control the dengue situation much better compared to pre­vious years.
“But we certainly can do better and will work with all stakeholders to achieve better results this year, 2017 and beyond,” he said.
Based on the Strategic Planning for Dengue Prevention and Control for 2015 to 2020, the Ministry’s target is 5% dengue cases reduction annually.
Despite the reduction, Dr Noor Hisham warned that the dengue situation was unpredictable due to factors such as environmental cleanliness, climate change, community behaviour of littering, vector behaviour, virus and increased population mobility. 
“Dengue cases are closely associated with environmental cleanliness and Aedes mosquito population,” he said.
 /theSTAR 06-01-2017

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